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All is Quiet on the SERP Volatility Front.....For Now?

It's been 62 days - just over two months - since Google has rolled out their last "confirmed" Google Algorithm Update. The last update was the November 2023 Reviews Update. And that was the end of of 90 day onslaught of 6 confirmed algorithm updates (3 Core, a Spam Update, a Helpful Content Update, and what will be the last confirmed Reviews update from Google.

Since the November Reviews Update ended, from mid-December 2023 through mid-January 2024 the SERP volatility indexes, like AccuRanker, suddenly got quiet and have remained like that for almost a month now - almost too quiet?

Is this the calm before a flurry of more confirmed Google Algorithm Updates? Comments on Twitter (X) a couple weeks back between SEO Industry extraordinaire Lilly Ray and Google seem to indicate Google is working on the next updates - and coming soon!

Google has made comments that "big" search quality improvements would be "coming soon" to address the SEO Industry complaints about wide spread SPAM. Danny Sullivan was quoted recently saying improvements "are on the way in the near future." This was in response to Lilly Ray spotting results surrounding mis-information after singer Toby Keith's death.

If the SEO content goblins had to guess, I think we will see some combination, over-lapping, maybe not, of a Core, Spam, Helpful Content Update. I have to think with Google updating Core Web Vitals to include INP next month - that shortly before or probably after that a Core Update would be needed to include those signals?

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