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SEO Content Goblins Expert SEO Services

The SEO Content Goblins Services include all aspects of SEO. On-page SEO, Technical SEO, Keyword Analysis, Organic Reporting and more.

There is NO one magic silver bullet in SEO - BUT if you do a handful of things altogether - it will improve your non-brand - organic traffic.

SEO takes time, patience, and it is NOT a linear process. Most companies do NOT have the resources internally to have a dedicated person, nonetheless a team to concentrate on just one channel. In today's fast paced world you need a person who is keeping up with industry news - like changes from Google, Google Algorithm Updates, AI, monitoring data daily and finding out down to the keyword, page, or SERP feature of why traffic spiked or feel off a cliff.

If you do the SEO basics really well, and you put the user-first - you will achieve success with Search Engine Optimization!

Technical SEO Site Audits

Our SEO Technical Audits provide website owners a roadmap of prioritized Technical and On-Page SEO items to improve your websites organic presence. We crawl your website, organize the data, and prioritize the list based on SEO impact and effort level.


Topical Keyword Analysis

The SEO Content Goblins will download 1000s of non-brand keywords and organize them based on topical demand to give you and your content team a roadmap of what "helpful content" to add to your website to grow your non-brand keywords - and your non-brand organic website traffic.


Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis

The SEO Content Goblins will use third party tools to compare your website domain against your closest organic competitors and provide you the insights you need to eat into their organic traffic.


Competitor Backlink Analysis

The SEO Content Goblin understands that backlinks are no where near as important as they used to be. However, knowing what sites your competitors are linking to where you are not - can help increase your authority.


Monthly Organic Traffic Reporting

With any SEO strategy, monitoring performance is key. Analyzing your websites brand and non-brand keywords, your organic clicks, impressions, traffic, conversion rate, etc. are all important.

The Goblins are hungry for as much data as they can get their filthy hands on and they do the dirty work of aggregating the data and analyzing it and aligning it to the clients business goals and objectives in easily digestible formats - that provides the analysis - but more importantly the course of action - the plan on how to keep improving, or correct any declines and explain the potential reasons why!

While you are sleeping at night the SEO Goblins are away in their lairs monitoring your website traffic daily - checking which keywords are increasing, and sometimes which non-brand keywords are declining, and finding out the reason why - and what to do about!


Additional SEO Services and Support

The SEO Content Goblins monitor industry news and educate clients on how algorithms, changes in the SERP, and how Non-Brand Industry Search Demand is trending.

The SEO Goblins are also experts - at website migrations small and large. They will provide a comprehensive SEO POV that will ensure your organic website traffic doesn't fall off a cliff post migration. The SEO Goblins will have a pre-migration checklist, go-live checklist, and post-migration checklist - which includes active monitoring of traffic, QA'ing pre and post migration to ensure that your website migration goes as smoothly as possible and limit any negative affects - hopefully leading you to a fast recovery!

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