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More Google SERP Volatility - Related to Bugs or Next Algorithm Update?

Couple weeks ago, it seemed we might be headed for another big, swarm, of Google Confirmed Algorithm updates. We have had zero active, confirmed algorithm updates from Google since before Christmas and those kicked off in November.

SERP volatility has been mostly quiet for about a month now. That was until this week.

Google had a couple "SERP" Bugs earlier this week.

  1. "Google Local Packs" were not showing on the SERP or in Google Maps for ANY queries on Wednesday.

  2. And Yesterday for a time no queries were generating "featured snippets."

Even if for only a couple hours - which it was - you could see a pretty big data impact.

Looking at the SERP volatility metrics from SEMRush and CognitiveSEO, it seems they might have picked up on this?

I think the issues are also being manifested in some GSC data. See examples here.

These three examples are from sites in separate industries and types.

So, was the volatility, and sites seeing impression declines related to the SERP bugs from Google, or is this a tremor before another confirmed Google Updates, or swarm of updates?

We are over-due for our next Google Algorithm Update, and with some of the quality issues related to SPAM on the SERPs lately, I would be surprised if we don't see our next Algorithm Update within the end of this month? Although in 2023, we didnt any confirmed updates for a span over 4+ months, and were then hit with 6 in 90 days.

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