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The SEO Content Goblin Has Been Awakened!

Welcome! To the first ever weekly SEO Blog Post from the SEO Content Goblin!

We are all aware of the article published several weeks ago claiming that SEO's "ruined the internet" and called us "Content Goblins." I decided to create this site, more as an experiment and is mean to be light-hearted and "fun" - based on that hilarious term used in that article. It's allowing me to create a personal website and people-first content and seeing how this site ranks on the SERP and play around with things on the SERP.

I work for a Digital Marketing Agency and I am an Award-Winning SEO Strategist working on several large clients across several industries. I love talking about SEO, and Monday-Friday, and sometimes on the weekend - love learning and reading articles related to the SEO Industry, from all the industry leaders in SEO for years - if not decades, like Lily Ray, Glenn Gabe, Barry Schwartz, Kevin Indig, and the team from Google - like Danny Sullivan and John Mueller and more! They produce such great content on their own sites,, LinkedIn, and more - that is has been a long term goal in my SEO career to try to be just a 10th of what they have achieved as SEO Industry Leaders - and who people in Digital Marketing and Search Marketing look to when Google, Bing, Microsoft, whomever make changes. Their expertise and pov on what the news of the day actually means is unmatched!

I did not go to school for anything SEO or Digital Marketing - my B.S. is in Meteorology - everything I learned about SEO and Digital Marketing was on the job and reading blogs and articles on websites. My goal of this website and blog is to help educate people, like me, just starting off in Digital Marketing and Search Marketing and SEO, and to just have fun with SEO.

Every day I go to work - I love my job, my SEO Career, and have fun helping clients grow their Organic Traffic - and love being able to report the good news about positive impacts and helping them grow their business. SEO is hard, every-changing (sometimes daily - if not hourly), but can also be really, really, fun!

I consider this site an experiment in SEO - but I will still seriouly post in my POV - trends and "things" I am reading about seeing across the Search Engine Optimization Industry, Google - from updates to changes in the SERP, and to new features and experiments, as well as weird things I might see well managing my clients sites.

Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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