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Google Algorithm Watch - SERP Volatility High - Thursday, February 29, 2024

It's been over 100 days - 3 months since Google confirmed the last algorithm update. We are overdue. Google even confirmed earlier in February 2024 that they were working on a bunch of stuff and big things coming up - which sounded really ominous that something new, big, imminent was coming.

The SEO Content Goblin is really surprised it looks like we might actually end February 2024 - even in a leap year with an extra day - without any confirmed updates from Google.

Looking at the SERP volatility sensors Thursday, February 29, 2024 and different clients Google Search Console data, things have been "off" and weird over the last 10 days. Last Friday into this past weekend - spiking on Saturday, the sensors went off the charts with volatility. But, after things calmed a little Monday, the SERP volatility started to increase again Tuesday, Wednesday, and now, as of Thursday morning, things look to be spiking again.

SEM Rush SERP Volatility for Thursday February 29 2024

Google has had some bus, possibly, with local results, and other SERP features that people reporting going in and out of displaying. Could the volatility be due to those "bugs"? Is it due to Google "fixing those bugs"?

All the sensors have been showing some volatility and I really feel like we are due for at least one, if not two algorithm updates, maybe over lapping soon, dare we say imminent. It does seem the pattern with Google is they methodically deploy a certain set of system updates (Core, Helpful Content, Spam) updates at a certain time, in a certain patter/way - sometimes overlapping. After an extremely busy fall 2023 - I don't expect to see 6 Algorithm updates before the summer, but I think 2 or 3 should be coming our way - most likely a Helpful Content Update and probably a SPAM update.

Check back with the SEO content goblins for any breaking announcements on Google Algorithm Updates.

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